How It Works: 

Schedule a date (evening, Friday morning or Saturday morning) for your party with Jody.

Invite 3-5 friends to join you in your home for your Meal Prep Party.

By one week prior to your party, finalize your menu. Recipes can be selected from Jody's recipe selection or your family favorites (that you know freeze or store well, cost will be custom quoted for provided recipes). Recipes can be selected in individual portions or family-style (4-6 portions). Participants will be invoiced for the menu items after menu is selected. Payment must be received within 2 days of party to participate.

Jody will grocery shop for your party 1-2 days before your event to ensure freshness. 

On the day of your event, Jody will arrive one hour prior to your start time to begin initial food prep. When your friends arrive, jobs will be assigned for assembly and prep of your meals. Individual meals will be divided into individualized containers or family style in freezer resealable plastic bags or foil pans. (Prefer your own containers? Feel free to bring those along). Meals will be labeled with nutrition facts including calories, carbohydrate, protein, and fat. 

Host receives 5% off for every guest. Host receives additional 10% back if a party is booked from a guest in attendance.