Why a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist?

Anyone can call themselves a "nutritionist". But only a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist has the educational background and experience determined to be a NUTRITION EXPERT. In addition to a bachelor's degree (most, including ME, have a master's degree), RDNs are required to complete a nationally approved internship of 1080 hours of supervised practice and successful passing of a national board exam. RDNs are qualified to help you in the areas of prevention and wellness, but also in specific management, treatment or prevention of diseases through nutrition.

An RDN can tailor their recommendations to YOU. No one size fits all recommendations. Want to lose weight but also have elevated fasting blood glucose levels? No problem, an all-incompassing program can developed specifically for YOU. Have specific medications that you're taking but want to know how that impact your food or supplement choices? An RDN is the professional for you!