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Meal Parties - Individuals - Groups


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Meet VIRTUALLY or in person (in Grand Rapids, MI area) with Jody to create your personalized nutrition plan. If your goals are for a specific medical concern, weight loss, sports/performance related or general wellness - Jody can help you achieve your goals through a personalized nutrition plan and encouraging accountability.


Meal Prep Parties

Do you have the desire to eat healthy meals but actually getting them on the table or packed for lunch never seems to work out? Consider hosting a Meal Prep Party for you and some friends. Jody does all the planning & purchasing. You and your friends enjoy an evening or morning together, assemble and freeze your meals for future use. 


Group Presentations

Whether in the corporate setting or part of an athletic department - NUTRITION can improve performance.  Nutrition presentations can be an integral part of your departments wellness strategy or a key component of your team's successful season.